Personalised CV feedback, instantly

Our intelligent platform uses proprietary algorithms, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to benchmark a user’s CV and to generate constructive feedback, based on key criteria employers look for.

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  • Our CV checker scans your CV for inconsistencies, length, impact, brevity and style. It's powered by Artificial Intelligence.
  • The most advanced technology

    Our Artificial Intelligence algorithms have been specifically designed to check dozens of key criteria in order to determine accurate scoring and to provide personalised feedback. The CareerSet CV Engine checks for ATS compatibility and evaluates the strength of word choice in relation to three main categories: impact, style and brevity.

  • Expert feedback

    Our products and resources are based on recognised best practices. We have worked extensively with a focus group of recruitment professionals and hiring managers at leading companies to understand key criteria to look for.

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  • Get sample CV examples, CV phrases and CV bullet points to accompany your CV score
  • A personalised approach

    Our CV Scoring Engine identifies individual strengths and weaknesses in order to generate tailored, actionable advice. All areas for improvement are backed by detailed explanations and examples.

    Feedback reports can be shared with Career Advisors who can subsequently personalise their approach to specific needs.

  • Secure and GDPR Compliant

    We are fully GDPR compliant and have implemented both technical and organisational measures to ensure full confidentiality and protection of personal data.

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  • The resume checker uses machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Proven to improve results and drive efficiency

    The scope of our platform is to ensure that users meet a certain CV standard (a threshold CV score), based on best practices - before seeing a Career Advisor. CareerSet allows users to find out where their CV ranks amongst their peers and to make improvements accordingly. Our platform complements an existing approach of events, online resources and personal meeting appointments.

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  • Instant CV feedback
    Instant CV Scoring
    Enables users to independently optimise their CV
  • browser stats
    Expert feedback
    Based on recognised recruitment best practices
  • Proven CV lines
    Track user’s progress
    Via an admin dashboard made available to Career Advisors
  • CV templates
    Proven CV sample lines
    Embedded in our solution to ensure understanding
  • Optimised CV templates
    Vetted by recruiters and optimised for ATS-compatibility
  • Expert insight
    Dedicated portal
    With benchmarked algorithms and institution-specific content
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