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"The CareerSet team are a pleasure to work with, our implementation went extremely smoothly, and student usage has been very encouraging.

Over 1,000 Cambridge students had already used CareerSet to improve their CVs within our second month of making CareerSet available."

Jenny Blakesley
Director Careers Service, University of Cambridge

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"CareerSet was able to meet all of our wishes and requirements to streamlining CV advice at Cardiff University.

The platform is an important element of our virtual service, enhancing student experience and freeing up the team for further advice and guidance."

Jane Goodfellow
Head of Careers & Employability, Cardiff University

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"CareerSet is a comprehensive CV review solution to help students improve the overall quality and targeting of their CVs, allowing our careers consultants to focus on personal guidance and enhancing CV content.

We felt CareerSet was the most intuitive and easy-to-use solution on the market and their advice closely matches our own. The platform has helped us reach thousands of students with increased flexibility."

Elizabeth Darlington
Director of LSE Careers, London School of Economics

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"We hit 10,000 CV submissions in our fourth month of adding CareerSet to the Manchester offer. Students engage incredibly well with the system. It helps them understand the mindset of a recruiter.

Students need to achieve a CV score of 70 before meeting an Applications Advisor, which has enabled us get much more out of personal sessions.”

Angela Standish
Careers Manager, University of Manchester

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"Within five months of going live, NUI Galway Career Development Centre had reached the amazing milestone of 10,000 CV reviews on CareerSet by 1,800 students.

We are very satisfied with these results and we are actively inviting all NUIG students to review and target using CareerSet."

Marie Laffey
Head of Career Development Centre, NUI Galway

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"CareerSet has been a fantastic addition to the online resources in GMIT's Careers Centre. Operating as a small service, it has enabled us to reach a wider student audience with increased efficiency.

We have evidenced both improved CV quality and more importantly, improved quality engagement between careers service staff and students."

Bridie Killoran
Head of Careers Centre, GMIT

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"In the first year of launching, we saw upwards of 12,000 CV uploads by over 3,000 York students who used CareerSet to improve and target their CVs.

The platform is incredibly user-friendly, and the analysis reports are thorough yet concise. Student engagement and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. As such, we would highly recommend CareerSet to other universities."

Tom Banham
Head of Careers & Placements, University of York

  • Designed for Career Centres

    CareerSet makes CV and cover letter support easy and scalable, giving career centres the power to switch their focus from preliminary advice to personal guidance. Users can independently improve these key documents, while Career Advisors can keep track of their progress and use gained insights to target specific needs. CareerSet transforms the way career centres offer support.

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  • Harness the power of AI

    The benefits of our platform include scalability of support, increased efficiency and improved quality of services. More students or job seekers can be helped, while a higher quality CV and motivation letter (a threshold score) can be guaranteed in advance of face to face sessions. Our Artificial Intelligence algorithms have been configured to generate personalised feedback and can be adjusted to meet institution-specific requirements.

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  • Personalised feedback from our CV grader

  • Reliable and Secure

    The CareerSet platform has been designed using recognised best practices, applicable across industries and academic disciplines. We have worked extensively with recruiters, hiring managers and career advisors to ensure our solutions covers all key criteria important to writing a perfect CV and cover letter. We are fully GDPR compliant and have implemented both technical and organisational measures to ensure full confidentiality, protection of personal data and GDPR compliance.

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How CareerSet transforms your student experience

Our CV review, targeting and cover letter technology has helped students get hired at:

CareerSet is amazing. I am so grateful I can use this platform. The feedback is really useful and insightful, just what I did not realise I needed.
Olivia C.
University of Manchester
CareerSet really helped me improve my chances by providing helpful feedback on my writing. It ensured my CV is most impactful for the specific roles I am applying to.
Manish S.
University of York
CareerSet made a real difference to me. It would have taken me hours or research to retrieve this sort of advice independently – plus it was all personalised!
Alina D.
University of Portsmouth
I feel much more confident in my job hunt knowing that my CV and cover letter include the specific keywords and skills the employer is looking for.
Dave M.
University of Amsterdam
CareerSet was particularly helpful in identifying possibilities for stronger word use in both my CV and cover letter. It even highlighted typos and inconsistencies.
Thomas E.
University College Cork
The little details! I always have trouble figuring out if my sentences are too wordy and how to quantify my achievements. CareerSet really helped me with that.
Emily V.
Cardiff University