Intelligent CV Optimisation

Designed by recruiters, our AI-powered platform helps
         applicants get hired,
         career advisors increase their efficiency, and
         institutions become employability champions.

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  • CV Score - Instant CV Review
  • End-to-end CV optimisation

    Through the use of proprietary, benchmarked algorithms, our CV Analysis Engine provides users with personalised and constructive feedback.

    By also making available institution-specific CV resources, CareerSet offers an end-to-end platform that can be used to iteratively to write the most effective CV.

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  • Empowerment of Career Advisors

    CareerSet enables Career Advisors to work more efficiently and to increase their reach.

    Career Advisors can track scores, monitor progress and personalise their approach to individual needs via full insight into feedback reports.

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  • Personalised feedback from our CV grader
  • Our CV grader checks your CV for criteria recruiters are looking for
  • Proven employability results

    Our products and resources are based on recognised best practises, via the input of a focus group of recruitment professionals and real distinguished CVs.

    We work together with our customers to customise algorithms and we have a proven track record of helping users get hired for their dream job.

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